Publisher: Gigamic
Artist: Laurent Nicolas
Game Designer: Adrien Charles

  • Low price, high value flicking game

  • Portable and playable anywhere

  • Learn and play in minutes

  • Quick and intense game play

In Pitch Out you lead a team of 5 pitchers to victory, and each pitcher has a unique ability that changes how they are played. The players take turns playing one of their team’s pucks. As soon as a puck leaves the field of play it is eliminated. A player loses the game if his Captain leaves the field or if all of his other pucks leave the field, leaving his Captain alone.
To win a game of Pitch Out, you must be victorious in two out of three rounds.
Will you choose to play with the Hoods, a brutal tribal nation able to use powerful old magic? Or the Citizens, a proud nation with extensive military experience?

Design: Adrien Charles

Art: Laurent Nicolas


Board's Eye view: 360 view and review 



Number of players



10 mn