Availabity: Published
Publisher: Gigamic

  • Familiar gameplay in a novel format

  • Tactile, large, wooden design

  • Team play variant

Do you have what it takes to escape? In Quoridor, there are only two actions; build a wall or move. Blocking your opponents is key. To win, however, you must find a way out of the maze you have created!


  • Full Page Ad in Tabletop Gaming Magazine (Feb 2022, April 2022)

  • Family First Magazine (link soon)

  • Adam In Wales Abstract Games Round Up ("If you fancy a strategic classic but you're intimidated by Go or Chess, I would highly recommend any game in the Gigamic classic line")

2022 Convention Schedule for Giant Demo Copies:

  • London Toy Fair

  • Tabletop Gaming Live

  • UK Games Expo

  • Airecon

  • HandyCon

  • Tabletop Scotland



Number of players



15 mn