Dinner in Paris

Availabity: Published
Publisher: Funnyfox
Game Designer: Les Trolls Associés
Artist: Alain Boyer

  • Perfect mix of resource management and area control

  • 3D building - Double layer player boards

  • Player interaction for a fast paced game

The restaurant industry in Paris is buzzing after the inauguration of a new pedestrian square in a very popular district for Parisians and tourists from all around the globe. It is a golden opportunity for you, restaurant owners, to open one of the addresses that will contribute to the culinary diversity and the reputation of the French capital. However, there isn’t space for everyone and your opponents could throw a wrench in your gears!

Design: les trolls associés

Art: Alain Boyer


Board's Eye view: 360 view and Review 

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Dice Tower seal of approval

Boardgame Review UK "This board game is a dream to learn. The layers of strategy then come to the fore with subsequent plays, just like the warmth of a chilli presenting itself after a mouthful of something spicy."

Don't Be Board Review "Great looking game, easy to teach and really fun to play."



Number of players



40 mn