Availabity: Published
Publisher: Blam!
Game Designer: Olivier Mahy
Artist: Guillaume Bernon

  • No drawing skills required.

  • 30 seconds rules

  • Simultaneous play

  • Comes with customer demo pack
    Imagician reinvents the principle of dot-to-dot drawing: connect the dots to discover what you are drawing. 

The winner of the last round is playing on the B side with grey drawings: no easy wins for the most skilled! 


Nr 15 on Cora's Dice tower top 70 children games of all time! Here 

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Board's Eye view: 360 view and review

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Free demo games (A3 - 3 drawings) for your customers with any order while stocks lasts

Design: Olivier Mahy

Art: Guillaume Bernon



Number of players



20 mn