My first adventure / Finding the dragon

PDF available in September 2021.


PDF available in October 2021


PDF available few lines bellow

Peek a mouse

PDF available in October 2021


Here is our first document for you to use!

A game in my classroom

Hachette Boardgames UK believes learning is always easier when having fun. Not only that, but it is more rewarding when you achieve fresh challenges, and more fascinating when you discover new worlds.

To help bring games and this ethos into the classroom our pedagogical support have all the same structure and offers:

  • Debate and discussions

  • To harness enthusiasm

  • Clarity on any prerequisites

  • Clear objectives

  • Different approaches to play

  • Feedback from classroom experience

  • Suggestions for disciplines developed through play

  • Additional resources

  • A competency observation grid

  • Player aids

They are developed in France and Belgium by Jeumaide, a team of teachers and children psychologist, with the support of Act in Games and Blackrock. They are translated in English and adapted to the UK curriculum by Imagination gaming